Our mission

Seeks to be a vibrant virtual working space for academic community to enhance excellence in publishing, seeking funding and collaborating with business and an essential community for researchers.

Our vision

We strive to become active and productive academic virtual community.

Our activities

We offer a unique environment for academic community to engage in paper writing and fund seeking challenges as well as network building and collaboration with business opportunities. Use this interactive space/ collaborative platform to create your own communities, learn and share your expertise in the field of publishing articles, writing successful applications and joint projects with industry.

Join research and operating areas:

Paper Hub

Paper Hub objective is to enhance publication quality through peer review process. This system is based on mentorship method for developing the competence of researchers to prepare high-level publications. The development and implementation of the Paper Hub system is an integral part of the research quality assurance process, influencing researchers to publish their work in high ranking journals. The basis of the Paper Hub is the interaction between the author of the article (i.e., researcher) and the mentor (i.e., high expertise researcher).

Funding Hub

Funding hub purpose is to enhance application for funding process through collaboration and peer review of fellow researchers/experts. Here you may seek for expertise in preparing grant applications and advice from which call to target to the management and preparation of the whole application. The expert team will provide some insights about how to build successful applications (e.g., EU funding).

Business Hub

Enhancing business collaborative projects. Business Hubs build bridges between business and academia. Together we can establish cooperation with international and national business and academia. Universities and business collaborations can stimulate companies’ R&D programs. Specifically, the researchers can collaborate with industrial analysts/scientists to identify contemporary research that might enhance the development of innovative processes and products’ ideas. On this page, you’ll find information about our current Business Hub initiatives and ongoing projects.


We provide you with digital space and invites you to create community for your colleagues to connect and share research ideas, entrepreneurial initiatives and collaboration possibilities. KEEN Hub communities are easy to manage and connect your people together to engage in joint research activities.


The events are open to academics and business leaders interested in global views, the newest research, and industry trends. We offer conferences, industry forums, webinars, trainings and other networking activities offered by KEEN Hub communities. The benefits include more knowledge about entrepreneurship topics, learning from the best leaders in academia and industry, making connections, and generating dynamic ideas that lead to true change in our organization.


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